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メールマガジン 第282号

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■■        環境社会学会メールマガジン       ■■
                          第282号 2014/8/27
Deadline for papers and session submissions: August 31, 2014.
Calls for papers have already been made across a wide variety of topics
and we encourage the further submission of papers and session proposals.
If preferred, participants are also welcome to submit individual papers.
Please refer to the website ( for
instructions on submitting a Single Paper or Complete Session Proposal.
On this occasion, we would like to inform you of the session proposal
discussed by our network committee for “disasters,” one of the ten network
7) disasters
i) natural events
ii) extreme weather events
iii) anthropogenic environmental disasters
iv) historical records
v) mitigation
vi) resilience and recovery
Session proposals (keyword number / corresponding networks)
1. Natural events and environmental history (i / Humans)
2. Climate change and extreme weather events (ii / Air)
3. Industrial and nuclear waste (iii / Waste)
4. Memories and documentation of disasters (iv / Humans, Animals, Plants)
5. Cultural responses to nature-induced disasters (v / Humans)
6. Resilience and recovery after extreme weather events (vi / Air, Land)
Session proposals made by other networks will be provided in the coming
days. Please consider submitting individual papers adequate to the
■Important Dates_____________________________________________
・ August 31, 2014: Deadline for papers and session submissions
・ October 2014: Authors are notified of papers accepted. Preliminary
・ February 2015: Conference registration will begin.
・ May 31, 2015: Deadline for Conference Registration.
・ September 30, 2015: Deadline for sending in completed papers. Final
・ October 22-25, 2015: EAEH 2015 in Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan.
If you have questions, please contact eaeh2015[at]
発行 環境社会学会 会長 鬼頭秀一(星槎大学)
           大学生協学会支援センター内 環境社会学会事務局
                 E-mail: office[アットマーク]
□編集・送信 帯谷博明(甲南大学・事務局長)
□年会費の振り込み先:郵便振替口座:00530-8-4016 口座名:環境社会学会