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1)Session Proposal とは?
16のSession をあらかじめ立てて、Sessionごとに報告を募集します。
1session は90分で、その中に4ー5本程度の報告が入ります(各報告は通常
Session Proposal とは、このような session を企画することです。企画案が
認められれば、通常、企画者(session organizer といいます)が、RC24の
事務局と連絡をはかりつつ、a) 応募されたabstract の中から、どの報告を
認めるか否かを選考し、b) 応募者に採否を通知し、c)報告の順序などを検
2)Session Proposal の締切
3)Session Proposal のしかた
下記のような司会者名とアドレス、趣旨(250語以内)を簡潔に述べた session
description を下記から、オンライン入力します。
Session 12: Environmental issues and people’s voice in Asia
Chair: Koichi Hasegawa, Tohoku University, Japan, k-hase[@]
> and KU Do-Wan, Environment and Society Research
Institute, Korea,kudowan[@]
Focusing on environmental issues and civil activities in Asia. Under rapid
modernization and industrialization, people suffer from serious
environmental disruption. How do they react and raise their voice? Or how
do they hope in their silence.
*横浜大会の折の、RC24で採択された Session Proposal は、下記で一覧できます。
4)Session Proposal の応募資格 現時点でRC24の登録メンバーでなくても、
Dear all,
I’m very pleased to announce you the start of call for session
proposals for the 2016 ISA Forum in Vienna. (The attachment file is the
same.) Let’s discuss in Vienna, the sustainable futures from environmental
sociological perspectives ! I’m looking forward to receiving a lot of
exciting proposals.
Best regards,
President of RC24
*Main theme*
The Sustainable Futures We Want: Environmental Sociology and the Struggles
for a Better World
*Programme coordinator*
Koichi HASEGAWA, Tohoku University, Japan,
– Session proposals: *March 15, Sunday 2015.*
– On-line abstract submission will be open *from 14 April to 30
September 2015.*
*Call for sessions*
The Research Committee on Environment and Society, RC24, invites members to
propose sessions for the 2016 Third Forum of Sociology in Vienna, Austria.
We are particularly interested in proposals that engage with the Forum
theme of ‘The Futures We Want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a
Better World’. However, proposals are welcome on all topics of interest to
members in the broad field of environment and society.
RC24 plans to organize 16 sessions for the 2016 Forum due to the number of
ISA members, currently it is 193. Sessions will be 90 minutes duration and
comprise mostly regular paper sessions in order to give as many members as
possible the opportunity to present their research. Each session will have
at least two conveners, preferably from different countries. Please send
proposals via on line
Submissions should include the following information:
– Title of the session
– Format of the session. E.g.:
– Regular session ? 15-20-minute presentations with an open call for
– Poster session
– Special session on the conference theme
– Featured or keynote speaker
– Author meets their critics
– Panel sessions ? a larger number of shorter papers on a specific
– Joint session ? identifying the other participating RC
– A 250-word maximum description of the session
– Language(s) of session: English, French or Spanish
– Full name, affiliation and contact details of the session organizers
and/or session chairs, if different