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Dear all,
It’s great pleasure to announce that the International Symposium on Environmental Sociology
in East Asia will be held in Nanjing, China, 2013.
The followed are the details.
Best Regards,
Hongcheng SHEN
Tel: +86-25-83787016; +86–15295564858
Diversity: Environment and Society International Symposium on Environmental
Sociology in East Asia Announcement (No.1)
East Asia is of a social and cultural diversity. Facing the increasingly serious environmental problems,
different areas are exploring their own ways and strategies.
The ISESEA aims to strengthen the communication, enhance cooperation, and
meet challenges. This ISESEA theme is “Diversity: Environment and Society”,
expecting to reveal local experience, to construct effective strategies
and to explore the common outlet for human.
The ISESEA is scheduled to be held at Hohai University, Nanjing City, China,
from November 2nd to 4th 2013. Welcome to submit papers and participate in
the symposium.
1. Theme and Panel
Symposium Theme: Diversity: Environment and Society
・Theories of Environmental Sociology
・Water Ecology ・ Water Society ・ Water Culture
・Redefining Energy Policy in the Post-Fukushima Era
・Ecological Problems and Population Migration
・Environment and Health
・Local Knowledge and Regional Experience
・Environmental Consciousness and Environmental Education
・NGO and Environment Movement
・Natural Resource Management and Environmental Governance
・Climate Change and Community Development
・Discipline Development of Environmental Sociology
2. Date
Registration: 1st November
Conference: 2nd-3rd November
Field Trip: 4th November
3. Organizers:
School of Public Administration at Hohai University
Sociological Theory and Method Research Center at Renmin University of China
Department of Sociology at Minzu University of China
Professional Committee of Environmental Sociology at Chinese Sociological  Association
Co-organizer: Department of Sociology, Environment and Society Research Center at Hohai University
4. Abstract Submitted
Please submit your abstract before 15 June, 2013. The Organizer will inform
you before 1 July, if your abstract is accepted.
5. The Others
Participants need to pay transportation fees and accommodation fees.
We would help you to arrange accommodation.
6. Contacts
Dr. Hongcheng SHEN
E-mail: sociology[アットマーク]; soci83[アットマーク]
Tel: +86-25-83787016; +86–15295564858
Address: Department of Sociology, Hohai University, Xikang Road No.1,
Gulou District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, P.R. China
Please send this form to sociology[アットマーク],
soci83[アットマーク] before 15 June, 2013.