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◇問い合わせ先: ISESEA-9[アットマーク]

国際交流委員会/ ISESEA-9実行委員会

Invitation to the Online Symposium for Environmental Sociology in East Asia 2022

Dear Environmental Sociologists in East Asia and the World

Please join us at this online event on November 5th 2022, providing networking opportunities between researchers and practitioners in Environmental Sociology and related fields.

All participants will have 3 minutes to introduce themselves (“lightning talk”), focusing on their research interests. You can then find colleagues with similar interests. Also, there will be talks by the representative researchers from East Asian region. We also hope that researchers in the field of environment and society who live and work outside of East Asia to participate this symposium to share their work and to make connections with us.

This online symposium is a pre-event for the 9th International Symposium on Environmental Sociology in East Asia (ISESEA-9), which will be held in Yokohama, Japan, next year. An overview of the program is as follows. Applications are accepted from 1st to 30th September. We look forward to your participation.

◇ Date: Nov 5th 2022
◇ Time: 16:00-18:00 (Japan Standard Time)
◇ Venue: ZOOM (online only)
◇ Fee: Free (anyone is welcome)

◇ Program:
1. Representative researchers’ talk (40 minutes)
Speaker: Dr.Lu Chuntian, Dr.Ryoichi Terada, Dr.Chou kuei-tien and a Korean researcher
2. 3-minute “lightening talk”* by all participants (50 minutes)
3. Networking time (30 minutes)

* “Lightening talk”: A time for you to introduce yourself, and talk freely
about your research topic. One or two PowerPoint slides are recommended.

◇ Application:
◇ Website:
◇ Contact: ISESEA-9[at sign]

International Committee/ ISESEA-9 Organizing Committee of
the Japanese Association for Environmental Sociology